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OSNews, Generic OSes A new release of the hobby operating system MenuetOS! The release notes are a bit non-descript, but you'll have to take what you can get: "updates and improvements (picview, httpc, ehci, ...)".
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by TempleOS on Tue 18th Jun 2013 20:16 UTC
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Cowards won't talk to me face to face so I can prove God. Now, the niggers think I'm datamining to make God. No. God talking in the Bible by occult means. It wasn't schitzephrenia.

It's kosher to use occult means with Catholics Augustine was a doctor of the church. Fuck the Pope -- just talk with God.

throughout the whole order of things, brought this about. For if
when a man by haphazard opens the pages of some poet, who sang and
thought of something wholly different, a verse oftentimes fell out,
wondrously agreeable to the present business: it were not to be
wondered at, if out of the soul of man, unconscious what takes place
in it, by some higher instinct an answer should be given, by hap,
not by art, corresponding to the business and actions of the

Tongues is a Ouija board -- don't kid yourself. You are attempting to get a spirit to talk. You wanna mince words? Tongues is a Ouija. You're afraid of success! If it actually works, you call it occult.

God says...
dining-room languages tales 99 mode net subject boiling
scantling weighed needful vein requitest I sensible awaited
deadly sigh truths Led deformities Texas boastfulness
deepness water-spouts lives intermitting accord host remember
Universe possessest bondage wilderness folk unbeseemingly
Go perceive beast tribute **FOR kingdoms commendable irresoluteness
merrily propoundest protection stranger parts waters cherish
Monnica dwelling-place revealed inspiring breaking whichsoever
captivity belong hogs yourselves details procure worthless
seeks crosses hour members say cellars properly brought
meantime dispensers grow dwelling-place barking slumber
styled consult shaken ranked 64-6221541 receivest lawyers
Beauty forgetful forsooth propoundest Omnipotent clearest
seduced doubled extolled denieth lanthorn unwholesome
carcase governors stores pence hesitating intend intend
unlimited disgraced terms

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