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Google "I can't find one person who has been using the Nexus 7 for an extended period of time, and hasn't seen a massive downgrade in performance. Just what kind of downgrade are we talking here? I cannot pick up my Nexus 7 without experiencing problems like a lag of ten seconds, or more, just to rotate the display; touches refusing to acknowledged; stuttering notification panel actions; and unresponsive apps." Fully and utterly agreed. My Nexus 7 was blazing-fast and awesome for a few months, and at some point, it just started sucking. Just like that. I've tried loads of ROMs, and nothing helps.
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No problems for me...
by rklrkl on Tue 18th Jun 2013 21:16 UTC
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..but my 16GB Nexus 7 has been flashed at least weekly with CyanogenMod (clearing the caches when I flash) and I've been careful to keep the storage at around 5GB free.

I do suspect the flash storage/TRIM myself as the biggest culprit in all this - as other people have said, go below 3GB of storage free and you'll run into sluggish performance over time.

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