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Apple Official Apple statement on PRISM and privacy: "Regardless of the circumstances, our Legal team conducts an evaluation of each request and, only if appropriate, we retrieve and deliver the narrowest possible set of information to the authorities. In fact, from time to time when we see inconsistencies or inaccuracies in a request, we will refuse to fulfill it." This is basically Apple re-publishing their earlier statement in a more official manner. You either believe it, or you don't.
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Shure, just draw the "planes struck highrise buildings"-card. (yet again)...

Sorry... That was so last decade. I feel sorry for those who have lost relatives that day. Anyway...

If you really want to be a succesfull terrorist, then dont fucking attack United States of America. (wich obviously is no country, but an republic to clear that up).
If you attack USA, you get one hell of a bull-dog on you'r ass. So those terrorists have been without brain.

To be a succesful terrorist today, you attack a small pro-us state, and then you use words to scare the living crap out of american citizen's. That way, you avoid getting the big system on you'r back.

To say in another way... Terrorists have, with success, created a paranoid system that spies on native citizen's.

And to wrap it up. It appears that the 9/11-card is valid in an argument yet again. Depending on how you see and how you turn the question.

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