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Games "A snippet of code in the Steam digital distribution platform has revealed that Valve may be planning to let users easily share their games with friends in the future. The Verge has verified the code's authenticity, which was originally spotted by a member of the NeoGAF gaming forum; the code references a 'shared game library' and a notification that would alert a user when their games are currently in use by a borrower." This would change the, uh, game.
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Comment by lucas_maximus
by lucas_maximus on Wed 19th Jun 2013 22:54 UTC
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So the Xbox One was evil for not doing it now Steam is f--king glorious for letting you do it.

Steam has things like mid-week sales etc because the publishers can actually guarantee sales. Xbox One was trying to bring this to console gamers and now it will be effectively dead.

Enjoy your £39.99 games forever ... ;)

No mid-week madness sales on Steam/Xbox one market place

No bundles on {insert popular series}.

I am going to put this here as devil's advocate

Large retail outlets like walmat/tesco etc will dictate the RRP.

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