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Games "A snippet of code in the Steam digital distribution platform has revealed that Valve may be planning to let users easily share their games with friends in the future. The Verge has verified the code's authenticity, which was originally spotted by a member of the NeoGAF gaming forum; the code references a 'shared game library' and a notification that would alert a user when their games are currently in use by a borrower." This would change the, uh, game.
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There's been a few pronouncements in Europe regarding software resale, the biggest one being about Oracle:

If they hold up in the higher courts and eventually trickle into EU-wide laws - which is quite likely at this stage - all actors in the software field will need to implement a way to resell whatever software you've bought. This is going to be painful for app stores and online services such as Steam but it's way overdue. If I buy something, I own it and I can do whatever I want with it *including* reselling it; private property is a pretty basic principle in our economies and it's been basically ignored by software licenses, EULAs, downloadable-only content and so forth.

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