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Games "Microsoft has sensationally abandoned its controversial plans to restrict the sharing of XBox One games, and has also removed daily online authentication requirements for its forthcoming console", reports The Guardian. They had no choice. Still a good move.
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RE: Used game market BS
by bassbeast on Thu 20th Jun 2013 12:20 UTC in reply to "Used game market BS"
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Oh its not just the CoD and Tower defense ripoffs that is making it suck, you wanna know why i have been buying nearly all Indie games of late?

Because when i buy the Indie games I actually get THE GAME, not some crippled demo that will cost me over a hundred bucks just to get the full game thanks to all the fricking DLC released the first week!

If you wanna make expansion packs? I have NO problem with that, and once I have played a game completely through and I like it I find having an expansion pack available to be nice, as its a cheaper way to continue the game without a full sequel. if you wanna go the TF2 Saints Row "hey lets just cook up some goofy stuff for fun" that doesn't affect the story? Again NO problem, heck i might even buy some of it if its really funny like the Genki Mobile I bought for SR 3.

No what I am talking about is when you buy the game on release and its obvious the game has parts MISSING, this is why I waited nearly a year before i bought the original Borderlands and will probably wait until the Xmas sale to get BL II, because its OBVIOUS that the game was MADE to have these parts but they rip them out and then nickel and dime you for it. Fighting games with half the fricking rosters becoming on disc DLC, shooter having entire subplots ripped out and made into DLC, its total BS.

If I pay $60 for the game I expect to get the fricking game NOT a crippled piece of a game and THEN shell out $40 for a season pass...not happening. if i have to wait a fricking year just for you to release the entire game guess what? i'll just wait a year until I can get THE ENTIRE GAME when I can not only get the "game of the year" (translate: The actual game) but I'll get it at less than half the price to boot!

Lucas thinking the Xbone would have cheaper games if only MSFT could have draconian DRM obviously hasn't been keeping up on current events, you had the former head of EA saying games should be $80-$100 (gotta hit the quarterly earnings you know, that Jag isn't gonna pay for itself!) and more and more companies playing the DLC "season pass" BS? at least on the PC I can just walk on over to the indie devs and buy directly or through Humble Bundles and I'll wait on those that play the "season pass" card until Steam has it for under $30 just for insulting me like that.

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