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Games "Microsoft has sensationally abandoned its controversial plans to restrict the sharing of XBox One games, and has also removed daily online authentication requirements for its forthcoming console", reports The Guardian. They had no choice. Still a good move.
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RE: what a JOKE
by gan17 on Thu 20th Jun 2013 20:57 UTC in reply to "what a JOKE"
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Now, one week after E3 when people all around the world have started pre-ordering consoles, MS realizes that nobody wants to play with theirs!

I'm not sure if that's true, though;

Granted, it's only Amazon (and no exact numbers released), but they're still the biggest online retailer out there. Both consoles seem to be neck-and-neck in pre-orders. The US is traditionally a strong market for Xbox, while Germany leans towards the Playstation name a bit more. Interestingly enough, the PS4 beats the Xbox One in the US "Most Wished For" section, though I've got no clue what that's supposed to mean.

At the end of the day, I think the majority of gamers (and parents that buy consoles for gamer kids) don't really know or care about what the blogosphere or tech press is saying.

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