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Google Reddit user mr03 created a very thorough visual comparison to show just how much Android has changed over the years. No text, just pictures. It's amazing how dated older releases look.
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by cfgr on Fri 21st Jun 2013 09:58 UTC in reply to "Huh"
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I think it's amazing how little it has evolved. Still a grid of icons, with some widgets thrown in, basically.

In the same way that forks today still look the same as forks hundreds of years ago. Some concepts are very hard, if not impossible, to improve. That's also why I dislike the common discussion about who copied whose layout and who was the first. No-one was, it's evolution through trial and error.

A grid seems to be the best option for organising a bunch of applications: it has the same shape as the screen and it's easy to find stuff by memory as grids are pretty static and have an extra dimension over lists. That's probably why the current grid is not scrollable but behaves like pages instead (at least on my Nexus), unlike on older androids. So there's still some evolution there, just not revolution ;)

Sure there are other ways of starting apps such as voice and text search, but none seem to be as efficient or reliable.

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