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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Samsung has just announced one of its latest laptops: the Ativ Q. It dual-boots Android 4.2.2 and Windows 8 in a 13.3-inch device with a super high-resolution display running at 3200 x 1800. Samsung has bundled in its S Pen stylus in a magnesium device. It looks like Acer's Aspire R7, but it's .55 inches and 2.84 pounds so it feels a lot lighter. The Ativ Q has a unique feature that lets it switch to Android from within Windows 8. It appears to be an application that virtualizes the Android experience, with an app pinned to the Windows 8 Start Screen that launches straight into Android. It runs fullscreen, but it's not usable it you try to snap it to the side and continue using a Windows 8 app." Do these dual-operating system things ever sell? It does illustrate how Windows OEMs are struggling with the fact that people don't want Windows 8 - they have to tack Android on there to lure people.
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Probably not
by vaette on Fri 21st Jun 2013 10:41 UTC
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Probably fairly unlikely to be hugely successful, but as a stopgap for filling in some holes in the Windows 8 app offerings a virtualized seamless Android instance is a pretty neat idea.

So, successful in the sense that the Classic environment in OSX was successful, no one enjoyed being in Classic, everyone was happy to see it go away, but it fulfilled its purpose.

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