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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless So, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft was very close to take over Nokia, but that the talks eventually broke down, probably beyond repair - at least for now. The reasons the talks broke down illustrate something that I have repeatedly tried to make clear for a long time now: Nokia isn't doing well.
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Sony and HTC took their own bet, and sales profits decline,

For Sony's part, this is not entirely correct. They were more or less dead in the water before they went with Android, and would likely have closed up their mobile shop(then Sony-Ericsson) some time ago without Android.

They got a good boost from one of their earlies Android phones, the Xperia Mini, which sold quite nicely and more or less saved them. Unfortunately they where not able to keep up the momentum and keep growing.

For some time they kept focusing on underspeced phones and old Android versions. Not having a state of the art model did not work well in the market and with their brand image. They have recently(less than a year) started to change that, and it seems like it's a lot more new Sonys around then a year ago.

The story is quite similar for HTC, they also try to turn with their HTC One.

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