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Games "Microsoft has sensationally abandoned its controversial plans to restrict the sharing of XBox One games, and has also removed daily online authentication requirements for its forthcoming console", reports The Guardian. They had no choice. Still a good move.
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RE[5]: Hahahahahahaha
by jonoden on Fri 21st Jun 2013 19:02 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Hahahahahahaha"
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Dude, always with the Steam meme.

Steam does not own the hardware. Steam is not the only choice for PC gamers. There are countless others from Humblebundle to GoG to Gamespy. And guess what? No DRM. No internet connection required. Just purchase, download, and play.

Get off the damned Steam bullshit. PC gamers still have choices including Steam. Microsoft intends to move forward with this non-choice walled garden approach in the future.

I use Steam, GoG (i've been a user of GoG since they were in beta and I own about 100 games there), Direct2Drive (bought by GameFly I think). I installed Origin to get Kingdom's of Amalur.. Also use GamersGate.. probably a few others.. OH.. BeamDog for BG:EE.. Damn I own like 4 copies of BG.. ;) I've also bought a few Humble Bundles and usually pay over the avg. I only specifically bring up Steam all the time because it's my go-to service due to the convenience and value I get from it. I will buy anything there first before I go searching other services.

Steam is just a good example of stellar digital distribution wrapped in a fantastic service that provides good of value and often fair prices. Can you find better deals for certian titles outside of steam time-to-time. Sure.. I hope we always do, competition is a fantastic thing.

XBox Live Marketplace provides value and service, but their prices could be better. I've bought things there just for the immediacy and convenieice, but I always check Amazon first to make sure that I'm not making a wholly ridiculous move (see AC3 example I posted earlier). If the price is at least almost the same I'll pull the trigger.

It's pretty funny that every time family and friends give me gamestop gift cards for holidays or occasions, I basically use them to get Steam Cards. ;)

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