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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless So, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft was very close to take over Nokia, but that the talks eventually broke down, probably beyond repair - at least for now. The reasons the talks broke down illustrate something that I have repeatedly tried to make clear for a long time now: Nokia isn't doing well.
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RE[4]: Go ahead and short
by Nelson on Sun 23rd Jun 2013 11:37 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Go ahead and short"
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Repeating this over and over does not make it true, the stock market was down on Nokia last year, the past year though the people putting money on the line are a lot more mixed in opinion.

I've learned not to argue with him, it's an exercise in futility. According to his past remarks on this website, Nokia has one quarter left to live. He (like many other rabid Nokia haters) have been irrationally ringing the death knell for Nokia.

Now they'll go all revisionist on us and ask for more time to let Nokia die and say that its "obvious" that Nokia wouldn't die over night (I guess the obviousness must be in hindsight, because it is a decidedly different tune now than then).

The fact of the matter is that I've been calling for a more measured tone for months, and now that the facts are bearing out and, holy shit, look, Nokia isn't dead, some people here are having to rethink their positions.

Probably not cdude though, he'll still stubbornly insist the sky is falling, link to a baseless Tomi article, and tie it together with some nonsensical garbage.

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