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Apple "Apple's new iOS 7, which the company unveiled last week at its Worldwide Developer Conference, says a lot about the future of mobile devices because Apple owns the future of mobile devices." If you're an Apple fanatic, you're going to love this article. If you're not an Apple fanatic, you'll be shaking your head in disbelief that the once great AppleInsider runs stuff like this these days. Hey, there's always MacRumors - the last great bastion of proper Apple rumour reporting.
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RE[3]: Comment by Wafflez
by No it isnt on Sun 23rd Jun 2013 21:03 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Wafflez"
No it isnt
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Bieber's music isn't all that interesting, but he's certainly not a failure as a pop singer. There are hundreds of well respected legends of pop and rock who don't have nearly that good a command of their voice.

And even though talent alone won't get you anywhere in pop music, it's hardly by random chance that he's struck something in so many teenage girls. They want something which they believe they see in Bieber. Android sells for pretty much the same reason: a huge number of people believe it is what they want, at a price they're willing to pay. And certainly neither iOS nor WP8 can do anything Android that can't, so they're objectively right.

Meanwhile, a bunch of idiots on the internet will pretend it's a failure.

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