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Apple "Apple's new iOS 7, which the company unveiled last week at its Worldwide Developer Conference, says a lot about the future of mobile devices because Apple owns the future of mobile devices." If you're an Apple fanatic, you're going to love this article. If you're not an Apple fanatic, you'll be shaking your head in disbelief that the once great AppleInsider runs stuff like this these days. Hey, there's always MacRumors - the last great bastion of proper Apple rumour reporting.
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by Nelson on Sun 23rd Jun 2013 21:11 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by Wafflez"
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Agreed. Android is the Windows model successfully applied to mobile phones. It is in many ways the spiritual successor to Windows Mobile.

I feel like it will also have Windows type problems, and you're already seeing some of them manifest. The perception that Android carries a lot of malware is one that Windows had to fight as well.

Another is preinstalled crapware and idiotic OEMs to deal with. Some times openness comes back to bite you when it comes to quality.

Performance takes a nose dive and it is unfairly attributed to Google or Android as a whole at times -- another Microsoft type of problem.

Google isn't stupid though, and they have the advantage of hindsight in all of this. These aren't really bad problems to have, growing pains are better than hunger pains I suppose. Either way, I expect them to carefully navigate these waters as Android matures as a platform and gains a critical mass.

I don't think it will necessarily trip them up, they just need to make Android more attractive as a premium brand. Holo, Project Butter, and Google's excellent showing at I/O for developers will help here.

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