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Linux I volunteer as tech support for a small organization. For years we relied on Ubuntu on our desktops, but the users didn't like it when Ubuntu switched to the Unity interface. This article tells about our search for a replacement and why we decided on Xfce running atop Linux Mint.
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Reducing the need to 'Faff' about
by shotsman on Mon 24th Jun 2013 10:29 UTC
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I gave up with Windows because I spent so much time 'faffing' about with it.

I moved to OS/X for my personal use and basically, I don't have to faff about with OS at all. So I get more time to do what I want with the computer rather than what Microsoft/AV Maker etc wants me to do.

I use Linux in my day job. I also use Windows Server 2008/2012. Neither of these requires the same level of 'faffing' about as Windows 7 does on a daily basis. I sometimes wonder if one bit of MS knows what any other bit is doing.

I selected OS/X because it was suitable for my needs. It is not because I'm a fanboi or something. I've been writing software for more than 40 years and believe me, after than long using something that 'just works' is a real pleasure.

Linux is getting there but it isn't there yet. In the meantime, MS is getting left behind in ever so many ways.

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