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Apple "Apple's new iOS 7, which the company unveiled last week at its Worldwide Developer Conference, says a lot about the future of mobile devices because Apple owns the future of mobile devices." If you're an Apple fanatic, you're going to love this article. If you're not an Apple fanatic, you'll be shaking your head in disbelief that the once great AppleInsider runs stuff like this these days. Hey, there's always MacRumors - the last great bastion of proper Apple rumour reporting.
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"When Intel embraced RISC principles or ARM's 64-bit architecture in its x86 chips, or when Microsoft copied the Mac's graphical desktop, NeXT's object orientation and then the entire architecture VMS, not only were there no allegations that the WinTel partners were visionless copycats that had to steal ideas to remain relevant, but it also did nothing but increase their grasp on the industry. And it was celebrated, not demonized by the mainstream tech media. "


wut. *scratches head*. Intel embraced RISC? when, exactly? ARMs 64bitness? What? MS copied VMS? David Cutler worked for MS. He is the father of VMS. Of course he is going to bring over a lot of his VMS ideas when tasked with creating a new kernel for MS.

This editorial is so filled with misinformation and foamy, blind fanboyism that is it scary.

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