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Linux I volunteer as tech support for a small organization. For years we relied on Ubuntu on our desktops, but the users didn't like it when Ubuntu switched to the Unity interface. This article tells about our search for a replacement and why we decided on Xfce running atop Linux Mint.
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RE[5]: mate is better now.
by Morty on Mon 24th Jun 2013 17:24 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: mate is better now."
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Kedit is no longer part of KDE, though there was a time when all three were available at once, back in the 3.x days.

And it was for a very good reason, as KEdit had correct unicode support wich KWrite/Kate did not have at the time. Rather than not supporting some users need, the KDE developers kept KEdit fot those use cases.

Kedit was a casualty of the move to 4.x, and dropping it was an example ..... slimming

No, it was not. KEdit was simply dropped when KWrite/Kate gained the missing unicode functionality. As the plan was the whole time. The reason it corresponded with KDE 4, was the switch to Qt 4 wich delivered much of it for "free".

Take the multimedia player landscape: Dragon Player, Kaffeine, KMPlayer, and KPlayer are all included in default installs. Each is a "multimedia player", so why four of them?

Blame your distribution! KDE comes default with one multimediaplayer: Dragon Player. While the 3 others use KDE libraries they are not part of the default installation, the are simply 3rd party applications.

So, if Dragon Player is all we ever needed to play multimedia files, why three others?

For the same reasons you get several 3rd party browsers, mediaplyers etc on other platforms too. Like on Windows, it has both browser and mediaplayer, but you have several 3rd party alternatives for both.

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