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Apple "Apple's new iOS 7, which the company unveiled last week at its Worldwide Developer Conference, says a lot about the future of mobile devices because Apple owns the future of mobile devices." If you're an Apple fanatic, you're going to love this article. If you're not an Apple fanatic, you'll be shaking your head in disbelief that the once great AppleInsider runs stuff like this these days. Hey, there's always MacRumors - the last great bastion of proper Apple rumour reporting.
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They always say they won't bring out crappy product, so any "cheap" iPhone has to be a good iPhone. If the cheap iPhone is a good iPhone, why buy the expensive iPhone?

People will start to expect cheap(er) phones. Apple would enter a race to the bottom.

The article does not mean cheap. It means a more affordable iphone. And i know that "cheap" does not necessarily equates to bad quality.

What i see happening here is a repeat of the 1980's. Apple that stand strong as a luxury electronic vendor and the competition slowly making inroads until the product almost become irrelevant. This is what happened in the 1980-90's.
And this is happening gradually with iphone vs. android.

Greed lead to many a companies financial ruin.
Again i am not asking for a bargain basement price. Maybe a phone in the $250-$300 range. (prepaid, new i.e not on contract). And by that price i mean global pricing.

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