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Linux I volunteer as tech support for a small organization. For years we relied on Ubuntu on our desktops, but the users didn't like it when Ubuntu switched to the Unity interface. This article tells about our search for a replacement and why we decided on Xfce running atop Linux Mint.
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I think there is now way in hell that any of us would willingly switch back to xorg.conf. It requires restarting X all the time, even after turing Wacom tablet on, if it was unplugged when X started. The only reason for using x11.conf / corg.conf was no alternative. At first the transition to more automagical Xorg and hardware detection was confusing, but, like alsa->pulseaudio and staticdev->udev, it was totally worth it. And it's backward compatible with xorg.conf still available.

I agree that switching to Mint solves nothing. There are Mate packages for both Mint and Ubuntu, which solves author's desktop manager problem anyway.

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