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Games Pretty cool stuff: the PlayStation 4 apparently runs on a version of FreeBSD 9.0 modified by Sony and renamed to 'Orbis OS'. Second generation developer kits use GNU GRUB to boot, and allow you to boot into a graphical or a console mode. Not much else is known at this point, but it's a fun bit of information, and perhaps a boon to homebrew developer and hackers.
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RE[5]: Best case, worst case
by Drumhellar on Tue 25th Jun 2013 21:15 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Best case, worst case"
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Because there is a bunch of stuff that comes along with OpenGL that isn't necessary. Remember that OpenGL is designed as an abstraction layer to separate the graphics implementation from the hardware implementation, so the hardware can change and the software remain the same. An example are shaders, which are compiled on demand for the target graphics card. This is completely unnecessary on a console.

It is much better to design an API that is much more in line with how the hardware functions, and abstracts less of it away. It'll provide much more predictable and reliable results.

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