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Linux The Linuxed - Exploring Linux Distros website has over 170 reviews of distros and common Linux programs by Arindam Sen. What makes it special is that Mr. Sen puts his experiences together in useful charts, such as this one that compares RAM usage for twenty different GUI versions, or this one that compares CPU and RAM usage for 20 KDE distros (page down to see the chart). While the site says it's merely "A non-techie's view of the Linux world," many techies will find it useful as well.
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by ingraham on Tue 25th Jun 2013 21:48 UTC
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What definition of "techie" can you possibly be using if posting tables of memory usage of Linux desktop environments doesn't qualify you?

As for the "these tables are useless" argument, I'm going to go with "it's better to be done than perfect." Sure, they aren't the whole story, just like you can't say that Manute Bol was a better basketball player because he was 7'7" to Michael Jordan's 6'6". That doesn't mean it's useless to know how tall they are.

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