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Windows Microsoft has released the Windows 8.1 preview for download, but they region-locked it to 13 specific languages, and Dutch is not one of them. So, even though my Surface RT has been completely and utterly English from the day I bought it, I can't install Windows 8.1 and tell you something about it. Those of you who can download it, why don't you tell us what it's like - or you can head to The Verge who got early access. In case you couldn't tell, I'm a little annoyed that we're arbitrarily being left out once again.
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RE[4]: Start Button Useless??
by UltraZelda64 on Thu 27th Jun 2013 02:54 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Start Button Useless??"
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For doing a system-wide search for a specific app, there's a Search Pane which does *not* take up the entire screen.

In a GUI, I am primarily visual with the way I interact with a computer. I "find" by actually looking at the screen and clicking. If I wanted to "search" by typing, then I would use the "Run..." command or open a terminal window...

For viewing an entire list of apps, there's a full screen overlay that you can filter in various ways (actually, in more ways than you could the traditional Start Menu)

Which, as I said, is a waste of space on all but phones and tablets...

They've taken the Start Menu's function and split it across two experiences. When you're searching you likely want to keep context with whatever you're currently doing.

Yes, and the problem is... they both suck. They don't solve anything that was a problem before. All they do is create problems for everything but computers that use tiny touchscreens as their primary input.

You're searching for something you don't know you want yet, so the screen real estate is dedicated to that end.

What? That would make more sense if you said "so the screen real estate is wasted to that end."

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