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Games "Microsoft's Build developers conference in San Francisco has mainly focused on Windows 8.1 so far, but the company spent a few minutes talking about the future Xbox One development platform on Thursday. Steve Guggenheimer, vice president of Microsoft's Developer & Platform Evangelism group, provided big hints at how developers can target the Xbox One in future." Many Windows 8 Metro applications would work relatively well with Kinect gestures and such - so this makes sense to me. Still don't want a 'media entertainment experience device' though; I want a game console.
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RE[2]: Problem is ....
by WorknMan on Fri 28th Jun 2013 00:47 UTC in reply to "RE: Problem is ...."
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If history is any judge, lots of people are willing to pay $399 and higher for game consoles (just look at what people are willing to pay for bundles, and day one units on ebay). I am not planning on it (arthritis keeps me from being a gamer anymore), and you aren't (for whatever reason), but let us not deny the market

Please to define 'lots of people'. Certainly not the 90 million or so who bought Wii's last gen. Most people I know who bought a PS3 did so because at the time, it was the only future-proof blu-ray player on the market. The fact that it could play video games was a nice bonus. And the only people I knew that owned a 360 (all 2 of them) were hardcore gamers. Those are the only folks that are going to pay $400+ for a pure game console, and there just aren't that many of them, vs the rest of the population that are sane ;)

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