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Windows Microsoft has released the Windows 8.1 preview for download, but they region-locked it to 13 specific languages, and Dutch is not one of them. So, even though my Surface RT has been completely and utterly English from the day I bought it, I can't install Windows 8.1 and tell you something about it. Those of you who can download it, why don't you tell us what it's like - or you can head to The Verge who got early access. In case you couldn't tell, I'm a little annoyed that we're arbitrarily being left out once again.
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RE[9]: Start Button Useless??
by WereCatf on Fri 28th Jun 2013 03:46 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: Start Button Useless??"
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I implore you to give it a try then, it certainly is more results. This isn't really an arguable point, it either is or it isn't. You can try it yourself and find out. If you'd like I'll screenshot my Windows 7 machine with the Start Menu open, and my Windows 8 machine with the All Apps screen open.

Let's explore this in detail, shall we? First, the whole point with Windows 8 and the Start Screen is those live tiles, not static icons. You can fit about 20 live tiles on 100% of the screen, whereas with the old Start-menu you can fit 24 items on something that takes only about 16% of your whole screen. Space efficiency thus comes down to 20*1=20 for the live tiles and 100/16*24 = 150 for the Start-menu.

Okay, let's do what you suggested and not actually use one of the features that Windows 8 is all about, ie. let's skip live tiles and just count the static, non-live icons: 60. Again, we are using 100% of the screen to show 60 items and therefore that's our space-efficiency. Sure, we do get more items on the screen as 24 < 60, but we have to use the whole screen to do that.

I think this is a little extreme, kill your productivity? As in you're not able to pick up where you left off? Windows 8 physically impedes you from getting work done? That sounds more serious (if not melodramatic) than an UI problem.

Let's tone the rhetoric down slightly. Its an inconvenience at best. For a brief second the All Apps view takes over your screen.

If it's an inconvenience why bother with it all? That's the thing you're not able to answer; if using the Start Screen is more of an inconvenience to me than the Start-menu where's the point in me insisting on using it?

While it was mildly annoying in Windows 8, with 8.1 the only time this happens is when you don't already have an idea of what the app you want to open will be. If you did, you could just search it using the search pane which retains context.

Or I could just not remove my hand from the mouse, move over to the keyboard, type in the search term and press enter, followed by moving my hand back to the mouse, simply by skipping the above and clicking the mouse button 3 times at a location that comes from muscle-memory.

I think this can be a genuine difference in opinion. The Live Tiles are designed to provide at a glance information and invite the user to open the app.

Alas, I do not do anything that would benefit from that. Also, for me to see the live tiles I would actually have to have the Start Screen visible: when I'm at the computer I am always doing something, not staring at the Start Screen, so the whole point with live tiles is irrelevant.

My own app analytics has shown that the addition of a live tile has increased my retention rates. I don't remember the exact figures off the top of my head, but I saw a decent increase in the amount of people who used my app and kept using it as the days went on.

I don't care. I'm not the other people, I'm me. And all this time -- as you can verify by reading my comments again -- I've been only talking about myself.

In 8.1 there is an additional "small" tile size (about 4 of them fit in the current Windows 8 standard tile size, and it matches Windows Phone) which allows you to deemphasize the apps which you do not need such up to date information.

So, they've made them smaller than the static icons? You can't fit 4 static icons on a singe live tile.

So yes, today there are a handful of very very good Metro apps -- but there is also a lot of bad.

Irrelevant. If I can't fit 8 of them on the screen at once and align them however I see fit then I won't be using them anyways.

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