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Games "Microsoft's Build developers conference in San Francisco has mainly focused on Windows 8.1 so far, but the company spent a few minutes talking about the future Xbox One development platform on Thursday. Steve Guggenheimer, vice president of Microsoft's Developer & Platform Evangelism group, provided big hints at how developers can target the Xbox One in future." Many Windows 8 Metro applications would work relatively well with Kinect gestures and such - so this makes sense to me. Still don't want a 'media entertainment experience device' though; I want a game console.
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RE[4]: False Dichotomy
by jbates on Fri 28th Jun 2013 04:24 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: False Dichotomy"
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On the contrary. You are right in saying that Nintendo are losing gamers, but Nintendo is also winning on a different level: making gamers out of people who weren't gamers. Wii is, or at least was, sweeping out the casual, family orientated, gaming market, which is huge.

I'm under the impression that Nintendo sold a ridiculous number of Wii's to people who only played one or two games (Wii Sports, Wii Fit, etc), but then left the thing to collect dust. The casual gaming crowd the Wii catered to has long since moved on to smart phones and tablets. The folks at the senior center who enthusiastically bought a Wii don't have a Wii U now.

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