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Games "Microsoft's Build developers conference in San Francisco has mainly focused on Windows 8.1 so far, but the company spent a few minutes talking about the future Xbox One development platform on Thursday. Steve Guggenheimer, vice president of Microsoft's Developer & Platform Evangelism group, provided big hints at how developers can target the Xbox One in future." Many Windows 8 Metro applications would work relatively well with Kinect gestures and such - so this makes sense to me. Still don't want a 'media entertainment experience device' though; I want a game console.
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RE[4]: Problem is ....
by WorknMan on Fri 28th Jun 2013 04:59 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Problem is ...."
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But why do you say the XBox One is solely a games console?

I didn't. Thom said the following:

Still don't want a 'media entertainment experience device' though; I want a game console.

I was pointing out that would be a dumb idea to release a pure gaming console at $400+, if you could add more features/media content and attract more buyers. However, this time around they're going to have to do much more than 'it plays Hulu/Netflix/etc), because these days, you can get devices that do that in boxes of Cracker Jacks ;)

But tell me this, are you a gamer?

I don't know what that means, really. Do I play video games? Yes, sometimes. Do I spend hours a day playing games? No. Most people like myself have pretty much moved over to phones and tablets for gaming, but I do own a 3DS as well.

Do you own one of the current generation of consoles? Because if you are not, they you aren't likely in MS's target demographic, right?

I beg to differ. If they were only targeting the 'this game must have a budget of $50 million or it sucks crowd', they wouldn't be bothering with the media/TV stuff. They're trying to attract people like me.

Although with the growing number of 'cord cutters' like me increasing, I think MS is skating where the puck is right now, not where it's going to be in 4-5 years. Like the original Wii shipping without HD support... not a huge deal in 2006, but in the end, I think it came back to bite 'em in the ass, as the 360 ended up being the best-selling console for 12+ months in a row near the end.

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