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Games "In recent years, an odd consensus has arisen where many believe that games are easier than they used to be. In many cases it's true, and it isn't surprising, as extreme competition between titles has created the need for games to be immediately entertaining as soon as you press the start button. As a consequence, many older - and potentially newer - players consider these games of yesteryear much more difficult. The immense challenge Wii U owners have experienced with virtual console games is evidence of that. Are these newer adventures really easier? Or has the design philosophy for video games improved instead?" Interesting take. I will tell you this, though - take a game like Dragon Age (the only one that matters, so the first one). It's immediately accessible to newcomers at the easy and normal setting, but try stepping it up to nightmare mode, and you're suddenly back in old-fashioned hardcore territory where you'll need to apply every little bit there is to know about the game to be able to finish it (tip for DA fanatics: finish the game without a single character going down in combat, on nightmare. I did it. It's hell). My point is: sometimes, you have to up the difficulty or create your own challenges to find the rewarding difficulty of gaming yore.
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RE: Probably harder
by WorknMan on Sun 30th Jun 2013 23:42 UTC in reply to "Probably harder"
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I think a lot of modern games are easier, for two reasons. The first is that newer games tend to have more familiar controls and nicer interfaces. A lot of old games had really cryptic interfaces and learnign to play them was often trial-and-error.

Actually, I think there are 3 kinds of 'hard' in games:

1. The ones where the gameplay is so convoluted, you need a 300 page manual just to sort it out.

2. The ones that are cryptic, for no other reason than to be cryptic. A popular example that the Angry Video Game Nerd points out is in Castlevania 2, where you have to kneel in a random corner somewhere with a certain crystal to make a tornado appear. You know, the kind of thing that 99.9% of people would never find on their own.

3. The kind of game that just kicks your ass ;) These games, like Super Meat Boy or Robotron, can take less than a couple minutes to learn how to play, but still be hard as hell.

In my opinion #3 is the only good kind, assuming that the game isn't unintentionally hard, because of bad controls, or whatever.

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