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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Mozilla today announced that the regional launches of Firefox OS smartphones will begin soon. Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica will release the first Firefox OS devices, the ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Fire and the ZTE Open, soon. Individual partners will announce specifics about launches in each market soon." Lots of soons in there.
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RE[2]: I wonder...
by Nelson on Tue 2nd Jul 2013 11:26 UTC in reply to "RE: I wonder..."
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Personally, I care only for devices that offer native applications, as such I don't have big expectations for browser only OSs.

All mobile OS already offer mobile browsers, so if you want me to switch OS, the user experience has to be worthwhile.

I agree, and from what I've seen in the Firefox OS videos it is considerably laggy on the devices they're launching.

It seems counter intuitive to me to on one hand want low power utilization, low hardware requirements and great performance but then turn around and write large OS components in javascript.

I'm sure someone will post some microbenchmark or link to a useless webGL tech demo to try to argue against this, but it doesn't change the core point that it is just a less effective environment to develop in.

There's no supporting tooling, no competent debugger, no cohesive framework. Its a mish mash of components which doesn't really add up to a meaningful experience for the developer.

That said, I don't see why this couldn't immediately take off. Its a shitty, but less shitty low end Android distribution with Mozilla's science experiment crammed in.

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