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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Mozilla today announced that the regional launches of Firefox OS smartphones will begin soon. Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica will release the first Firefox OS devices, the ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Fire and the ZTE Open, soon. Individual partners will announce specifics about launches in each market soon." Lots of soons in there.
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RE[3]: I think it's exciting
by Lennie on Wed 3rd Jul 2013 00:28 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: I think it's exciting"
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They are targeting the low-end market, people that currently have a feature phone, because they can't afford a smartphone. Android needs more resources just to be able to run on these low-end devices, FirefoxOS needs less resources.

You need to look at the remember that the Asm.js project is only a few months old and only has a few people working on it.

Asm.js is trying to show the way to introduce new languages and existing native code for the web.

It is trying to be a better solution than the initiatives by Google to introduce their own variant of ActiveX.

You think introducing NaCL or PNaCL from Google is a better idea than asm.js ?

Asm.js does work on any browser. Do you really think the other browser vendors will adopt NaCL or PNaCL or Dart ? Asm.js can be made to work with other languages people are already using to translate to Javascript like Typescript and CoffeeScript. To give developers more choice not less choice.

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