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Editorial Like many of you, I've been watching the big changes in user interfaces over the past few years, trying to make sense of them all. Is there a common explanation for the controversies surrounding the Windows 8 UI and Unity? Where do GNOME 3, KDE, Cinnamon, and MATE fit in? This article offers one view.
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There's a transition going on.
by 3arn0wl on Wed 3rd Jul 2013 11:39 UTC
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The tables at the top of your article say it all: in personal computing terms, the desktop is a dinosaur facing extinction.

I tried Ubuntu on my MacBook recently. I think it's great. And I'm certainly interested in a Smartphone running Touch, mostly for the potential of integration. Though I do worry that some programs I run occasionally aren't available.

It's actually beginning to look like Apple are behind in their thinking. People do want to be able to jot a .docx down on the fly, or put together the bones of a .pptx to save in the cloud. I can't see the point in buying a toy, pretty and shiny as they undoubtedly are. I know that Apple have got a massive appstore, but even that's beginning to feel a bit Heath Robinson - "you've got to download an app to do this" or "this is the way around that problem".

There's a transition going on, and in general I think Microsofting (and Linuxing) the tablet is a good thing.

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