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Opera Software Opera 15, the brand new version of Opera based on Chromium and Blink, has been released today. I'm still missing a bookmarks bar and a bookmark import feature. Other than that, I'm really liking Opera 15. I hope they bring those two features back soon, because I cannot use a browser without them.
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at Last!
by ikidunot on Wed 3rd Jul 2013 12:32 UTC
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At last, a browser for the total idiot or as they say on the Opera web site: "Just like in Opera for Android,".

I run Opera on a real computer, not a f.....g mobile phone and my life, since I actually have one, does not include facebook or twitter.

The quote "Although most users don't use bookmarks" just goes to prove that Opera has totally lost the plot. Why else would they import a Canonical (Ubuntu) developer to write a bookmark extension which always has been and should remain part of core functionality.

Would someone please reassure me that people are not so dumb as to require this: "you'll notice a radically simpler UI".

please, someone?

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