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Opera Software Opera 15, the brand new version of Opera based on Chromium and Blink, has been released today. I'm still missing a bookmarks bar and a bookmark import feature. Other than that, I'm really liking Opera 15. I hope they bring those two features back soon, because I cannot use a browser without them.
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Browser Recommendations for ex-Opera users?
by Dave_K on Wed 3rd Jul 2013 14:55 UTC
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I've generally been too content with Opera to seriously look at alternatives, but Opera 15 isn't for me, and Opera 12 will quickly become obsolete. Does anyone have any recommendations for a feature rich and customisable Opera substitute?

Firefox is the obvious alternative thanks to its selection of extensions, and it's the one I've investigated so far. The various vertical tab bars, all-in-one sidebar, tab tiling, integrated notes, etc. can replicate a lot of Opera's functionality.

Unfortunately, even with extensions, there's still a lot of Opera flexibility and customisation missing, and to me relying on extensions is a disadvantage compared with having features built in. Different extensions don't always play well together, and it's hard to know whether crashes are caused by extensions or the browser itself. Of course there's also the problem of extensions being abandoned and broken by newer browser versions...

I know there used to be some Opera copying skins available for IE, but they were never that brilliant (and obviously involved using IE). Does anyone have any other suggestions and recommendations for an Opera refugee?

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