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In the News "Internet users worried about their personal information being intercepted by U.S. intelligence agencies should stop using websites that send data to the United States, Germany's top security official said Wednesday." Cute, but pointless. France does it too, as does the UK. Documents from the Dutch intelligence agencies indicate that they, too, are involved in mass surveillance, the extent of which will supposedly be investigated by parliament.
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Dutch situation
by Lennie on Thu 4th Jul 2013 13:42 UTC
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So I just know the details of the Dutch situation.

They record metadata about:
- phone calls
- phone triangulation for every 5 minutes
- email sender/receiver
- phone/Internet account name/address

And keep it for 2 years (data retention) in a central database at separate government agency (CIOT), that can be queried by the police and secret service.

The information they keep about the queries is just statistics by a very general indicator like the police region.

They don't need to record why they query the database.

So individuals, like a police officer, are not and can't be held accountable.

So all we know is the database is queried millions of times a year. To give you an idea: in 2009 it was 3 million times, in a country with 16 million people.

The secret service wants to receive information from the US, so they share information with the US.

There is also a extradition treaties with the US.

So good luck with that.

Banks, shops and government are making it harder and harder to pay with cash. All digital transactions are recorded and banks accounts can only be created with a valid ID.

You can only get a valid ID if you get your face photographed in a way that face recognition works well (don't smile, stair straight into the camera, etc.) and with finger prints.

So how do you keep away from that ?

What privacy ? What freedom ? are we talking about here ?

And I didn't touch on CCTV face recognition from the policy in certain towns and CCTV license plate recognition on certain highways which are deployed.

There is only one advantage we have is they are some what open about it.

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