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Mozilla & Gecko clones Over the weekend, the crew at Tom's Hardware was busy testing the recently-released Firefox 22 using the usual bevy of benchmarks. This roundup included Chrome 27, Firefox 22, IE10, and Opera 12, along with the new Chromium-based build of Opera Next (alos known as Opera 15).
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RE[3]: Comment by Naomi
by bassbeast on Thu 4th Jul 2013 15:49 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Naomi"
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If you are wanting to stick with the Gecko engine but don't like the way FF does things maybe you should try one of the variants? There are plenty you know, for my customers that prefer gecko or have some extension they want to keep I give them Comodo IceDragon, while like Moz it doesn't have low rights mode its secure DNS does up the security.

Then there is Pale Moon which is an optimized build for Windows with both an X86 and X64 build so you can squeeze every drop of performance, there is Waterfox, heck if you don't mind being a little behind the curve but have an older system there is Kmeleon and Kmeleon CCF ME, those are probably 2 of the lightest browsers out there and in the case of CCF ME it can just be dropped on a thumbstick and with a couple of .DLLs will even run just fine on a system as old as Win98.

This is one thing I try to stress that so few seem to grasp, one of the truly great things that has come from the ending of IE dominance is how many great choices we have when it comes to browsers. With just the Gecko and Webkit variants we have easily a dozen to choose from, each with its pluses and minuses, so it really becomes more about finding a browser that fits YOUR style and YOUR way of doing things instead of the "my way or the highway" attitude of old.

Heck there are plenty that are going their own way still out there, for those that like or need cross platform they should check out QTWeb which is just what it says on the tin, a UI created in QT and the Webkit engine, comes with Adblock Plus, can run from a thumbstick and works on pretty much any X86 system out there. We have a LOT of choices in this area so you really shouldn't settle, try a few and find which fits your style of doing things.

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