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Editorial Like many of you, I've been watching the big changes in user interfaces over the past few years, trying to make sense of them all. Is there a common explanation for the controversies surrounding the Windows 8 UI and Unity? Where do GNOME 3, KDE, Cinnamon, and MATE fit in? This article offers one view.
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RE: Ubuntu Unity
by bassbeast on Thu 4th Jul 2013 15:58 UTC in reply to "Ubuntu Unity"
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Meh while I almost never agree with SJVN this is one place where he and I agree 100% in that they ALL suck nowadays and I also agree on the why...cellphones.

It seems like all these OSes are trying to be jacks of all trades and as we have seen time and time again what works on a 7 inch tablet does NOT work equally well on a 27 inch widescreen, but as long as these "pundits" (personally I call them professional idiots) keep screaming "ZOMG its all gonna be cellphones and appstores ZOMG" you'll continue to see these UI designers make giant ugly messes because "Its gotta look and act like a smartphone dammit!".

Call me weird but I want a desktop that behaves like a desktop and a smartphone that behaves like a smartphone, i DO NOT WANT "one device to rule them all" and all this jamming cellphone appstores and UIs into non cellphones just turns me right off the product.

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