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Mozilla & Gecko clones Over the weekend, the crew at Tom's Hardware was busy testing the recently-released Firefox 22 using the usual bevy of benchmarks. This roundup included Chrome 27, Firefox 22, IE10, and Opera 12, along with the new Chromium-based build of Opera Next (alos known as Opera 15).
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RE[5]: I keep saying...
by Fergy on Thu 4th Jul 2013 21:03 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: I keep saying..."
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I don't care about what little individual bits and pieces of a browser use. It all adds up, and the end result is what matters. I care what a brand new, clean instance of a browser takes up with no web page open... and it shouldn't be anywhere near 200 MB. That's a whopping 20% of the total memory I have, with no web page even open! That's just ridiculous. Think about that for a second: should a web browser even have to take over 100 MB just to display a blank page? I seriously don't think so.

Sure... you could argue, get rid of the extensions, they take up memory. That only shaves off maybe about 50 MB... and 150 MB is still high. And you're still stuck with a browser hogging an unacceptable amount of memory on its own before you even enter a URL.

So have you looked at about:memory?

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