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In the News "Internet users worried about their personal information being intercepted by U.S. intelligence agencies should stop using websites that send data to the United States, Germany's top security official said Wednesday." Cute, but pointless. France does it too, as does the UK. Documents from the Dutch intelligence agencies indicate that they, too, are involved in mass surveillance, the extent of which will supposedly be investigated by parliament.
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by usodoff2 on Fri 5th Jul 2013 00:39 UTC
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I think there may well be a way to screw those who spy on us. If there were enough people who felt comfortable with it...

We ALL include a paragraph in ALL of our emails that says something like "Please do not send me any mails that include words like ---------- (all of the words we suspect will be identified in mail scans at the NSA and other spy agencies), because I do not want any spying agencies to think I am a terrorist. Thank you."

I imagine the spy agencies' computers would suddenly discover perhaps hundreds of thousands of potential terrorists! That may well cause pandemonium in the corridors of power. Even if they work out a solution, it would at least bend them over for a while.

To do this may reduce the value of their methods to almost zero since they wouldn't be able to tell which messages were likely terrorists and which not, without a LOT Of resources being put into investigation. If this led to them revising the value of their methods then maybe that's a win for liberty.

However, I'm not sure whether preventing them finding even one terrorist by the current means is a good or laudable idea.


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