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In the News "Internet users worried about their personal information being intercepted by U.S. intelligence agencies should stop using websites that send data to the United States, Germany's top security official said Wednesday." Cute, but pointless. France does it too, as does the UK. Documents from the Dutch intelligence agencies indicate that they, too, are involved in mass surveillance, the extent of which will supposedly be investigated by parliament.
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RE: Good luck with that....
by galvanash on Fri 5th Jul 2013 03:59 UTC in reply to "Good luck with that...."
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That means ever visitor to such a site hands Google a referrer of the page they're on, their IP address and browser fingerprint.

Why on earth is this modded up?

Your right to privacy ends at the point where you stop protecting it. If your house is made of glass don't complain about the neighbors snooping on your activities... If you don't want someone to overhear a conversation go somewhere they can't hear it. If you want to go somewhere, and you don't want anyone to know about it, you try to hide your identity...

This is all common sense stuff that no one questions.

On the internet, your ip address is public knowledge, and on the web your browser sends referrer headers and identifies itself - all for sound technical reasons. If you don't like that figure out how to protect your communications - there are ways to do it, many of them trivial... But it is a public communications medium. Its like complaining that someone is listening in on your conversations using a CB radio - if you don't want 3rd parties to hear what you are saying you don't understand what CB is...

Can we all please stop bitching about a 20 year old status quo? Google is not the NSA collecting phone metadata, the difference is everyone knows about it and has all along.

Its the internet! Unless you know your communication channel is encrypted, and you know the encryption is effective, and you know the identity of the party on the other side of the connection, and you trust them completely with handling your data and communications, you may as well be broadcasting what your doing over a loud speaker.

This obsession with privacy is getting down right silly. Yes, you have a right to privacy - but only if you make some effort to protect it. Use Tor, use an anonymizing VPN, whatever - if it concerns you do something about it. But can we please stop blaming companies for mining the information we casually give to them everyday? If you don't trust Google don't use the internet to communicate with them, and don't use the internet to communicate with anyone who does trust them.

Yes, that severely limits your ability to protect your privacy. So does going outside...

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