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Linux "This release adds support for bcache, which allows to use SSD devices to cache data from other block devices; a Btrfs format improvement that makes the tree dedicated to store extent information 30-35% smaller; support for XFS metadata checksums and self-describing metadata, timer free multitasking for applications running alone in a CPU, SysV IPC and rwlock scalability improvements, the TCP Tail loss probe algorithm that reduces tail latency of short transactions, KVM virtualization support in the MIPS architecture, many new drivers and small improvements."
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Just a reminder : the XP -> Vista transition broke that API, and drivers had to be rewritten...

Broken after 5 years I might remind you.

TBH I don't really care. I like getting in this guys face because of he takes this idealogical attitude about everything even when it doesn't make sense to.

The guy basically said once I should learn GTK with C# bindings on Linux when I am a ASP.NET developer. He also said this golden nugget of stupidity.

Freedom software doesn't require a stable ABI.

I know there are pros and cons about it but whichever way you look at it video card drivers have been a problem for a while on the desktop ... in a perfect would we would have open source drivers for everything ... but that the thing we don't.

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