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Linux "This release adds support for bcache, which allows to use SSD devices to cache data from other block devices; a Btrfs format improvement that makes the tree dedicated to store extent information 30-35% smaller; support for XFS metadata checksums and self-describing metadata, timer free multitasking for applications running alone in a CPU, SysV IPC and rwlock scalability improvements, the TCP Tail loss probe algorithm that reduces tail latency of short transactions, KVM virtualization support in the MIPS architecture, many new drivers and small improvements."
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Freedom software doesn't require a stable ABI.

Correct. If you write a graphics card driver to a stable API as freedom software, then your driver can become part of the kernel source tree, and so it will be automatically re-compiled, packaged and shipped with every new kernel release. It therefore doesn't require a stable ABI.

In fact, as a device maker, you don't even have to write your own Linux driver. The Linux Driver Project developers will happily write one for you:

"We are a group of Linux kernel developers (over 400 strong) that develop and maintain Linux kernel drivers. We work with the manufacturers of the specific device to specify, develop, submit to the main kernel, and maintain the kernel drivers. We are willing and able to sign NDAs with companies if they wish to keep their specifications closed, as long as we are able to create a proper GPLv2 compliant Linux kernel driver as an end result. "

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