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Linux "This release adds support for bcache, which allows to use SSD devices to cache data from other block devices; a Btrfs format improvement that makes the tree dedicated to store extent information 30-35% smaller; support for XFS metadata checksums and self-describing metadata, timer free multitasking for applications running alone in a CPU, SysV IPC and rwlock scalability improvements, the TCP Tail loss probe algorithm that reduces tail latency of short transactions, KVM virtualization support in the MIPS architecture, many new drivers and small improvements."
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True. None of this is of any help once you have written your Winows-only C# application utilising Windows-only class libraries. You will only ever be able to sell that app to people running Windows.

Most C# code is bespoke stuff that lives in large organisations much like Java did/does.

To sell it to the much wider market you will need to re-write it from scratch, probably in some other language.

This is utter rubbish. If the logic of the application is split up correctly, it be pretty easy to refactor or remove the Windows only components. There is plenty of tooling available to make this trivial.

In any fact, I develop ASP.NET web applications, as I said before I don't care what they happen to be viewing it on because it just a webapp.

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