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Windows "Today, Microsoft said its advertisers will be able to target users not just on Web search results pages but directly inside Windows Smart Search. David Pann, general manager of Microsoft’s Search Advertising Group, said in an interview that advertisers don’t have to do additional setup to participate. The Smart Search ads will feature a preview of the websites the ad will send people to, as well as click-to-call info and site links, which are additional links under the main result that direct users deeper into a website to the most likely page they might want." So, you pay for a product, and then Microsoft shoves ads in your face. Scumbags. Then again, they've done the same on the Xbox, which is now virtually unusable due to all the ads plastered all over your dashboard. And then people say Google is bad with ads.
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Bill Shooter of Bul
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You can bitch if you'd like, because thats what it is, baseless bitching about an optional feature.

That's turned on by default.

Here is the hierarchy of blame

Microsoft > windows > bing

Anyone in that chain is to blame and any criticism can be leveled at anyone to effect the chain.

It is definitely a part of windows, per the announcement. Its something that you can turn off in windows, but not something that you can remove from windows.

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