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Mozilla & Gecko clones Over the weekend, the crew at Tom's Hardware was busy testing the recently-released Firefox 22 using the usual bevy of benchmarks. This roundup included Chrome 27, Firefox 22, IE10, and Opera 12, along with the new Chromium-based build of Opera Next (alos known as Opera 15).
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That doesn't sound too much different than just ditching my current profile and creating a new one, to be honest. What exactly could I expect to lose in the process of doing that as far as my settings go? At this point I'm seriously considering just backing up my bookmarks, and starting completely fresh. And if that doesn't work... hello SeaMonkey or Chrome/Chromium. Can't try the new Opera, because it's not available on Linux yet (as usual...).

I'm really getting tired of playing these stupid games with Mozilla. It's getting ridiculous.

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