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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "HTC has just announced its unaudited results for the second quarter 2013, and they're not pretty. Despite launching a much-lauded flagship smartphone, the HTC One, the company made just NT$1.25 billion (roughly $41 million) after tax from NT$70.7 billion ($2.35 billion) revenue. In the same quarter last year, the company took in revenue of NT$91.04 billion ($3 billion) and made NT$7.40 billion ($246 million) profit." Make the best Android phone - and perhaps, the best phone period - and still not be out of hot water. And people still claim the smartphone market is not a one-to-one replica of the desktop market. Anywho, another victim of iceberg Apple and hurricane Samsung.
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Windows/Android - Majority market share, many OEMs
Mac OS X/iOS - Respectable second spot, all hardware made by Apple
Linux/Windows Phone 8 - Is that a hair on my screen or actually a slice in the pie chart?

Yeh, because the Mobile market is not at all similar to the PC market...

If you want to go as far as monetisation, look at iTunes, Windows Store and the Mac App Store. They're all OSes running on Personal Computers and regardless of business model, they all (apart from many GNU/Linux distros) make money for their parent company.

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