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Games "People who don't play video games would be forgiven if they turned on an Xbox 360 and didn't realize it was a device used to primarily play games. The first screen you see on the Xbox 360 Dashboard is often a mixture of ads for all sorts of goods and services, and many times games are in the minority of ad slots. The latest redesign increased the ad space that can be sold to advertisers, and that in turn increased this problem. Let's be clear, it is a problem. Game discovery is terrible in the current design of Xbox Live, and the usability of a system that used to be about games is suffering in order for Microsoft to make money on ads." Written a year ago by Ben Kuchera for Penny Arcade. In light of increased advertising efforts in Windows 8.1, this has become relevant once more. In a nutshell, do not count on Microsoft being able to strike a proper balance (thanks, Soulbender!).
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XBone and advertising
by WereCatf on Sat 6th Jul 2013 12:11 UTC
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I'm somewhat surprised to see no mention of how Microsoft is planning to make advertising a wholly-integrated part of the Xbone & Kinect - experience ( )

Granted, I do understand Microsoft's motivations behind this and I can only hope that the ads will be tasteful, not in-your-face, but seeing as how the ads will utilize Kinect both for targeting, marketing and for actual control of the content I doubt that will be the case. I just recently learned that even on the Xbox 360 the ads often have audio so that you just cannot ignore them, and with the next Xbox it'll just get worse. I wonder if PS4 will do ads, too, and how they are presented.

Disclaimer: I'm not buying either of these consoles, I have no personal beef here or an axe to grind.

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