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Qt Qt 5.1 has been released. It brings several enhancements, Qt Quick Controls, Qt Sensors, a much better C++11, Wayland and OpenGL support, and the development of Android and iOS applications is very usable for a large number of use cases. In related news, the LXDE desktop prepares the change to Qt.
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RE[5]: Good news
by moondevil on Sun 7th Jul 2013 07:37 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Good news"
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I agree with your points.

Before using Microsoft tooling, I was using Borland most of the time.

Visual C++ funny enough, being Visual did not offer the same RAD capabilities of Delphi and C++ Builder have since 1995.

Or the capabilities provided by OWL in Turbo Pascal and Turbo/Borland C++.

Instead Microsoft extensions always seemed to cater more to the C developer going C++. Which given the background of the initial MFC prototype seems to have been the case.

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