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Games "People who don't play video games would be forgiven if they turned on an Xbox 360 and didn't realize it was a device used to primarily play games. The first screen you see on the Xbox 360 Dashboard is often a mixture of ads for all sorts of goods and services, and many times games are in the minority of ad slots. The latest redesign increased the ad space that can be sold to advertisers, and that in turn increased this problem. Let's be clear, it is a problem. Game discovery is terrible in the current design of Xbox Live, and the usability of a system that used to be about games is suffering in order for Microsoft to make money on ads." Written a year ago by Ben Kuchera for Penny Arcade. In light of increased advertising efforts in Windows 8.1, this has become relevant once more. In a nutshell, do not count on Microsoft being able to strike a proper balance (thanks, Soulbender!).
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RE: XBone and advertising
by bassbeast on Sun 7th Jul 2013 21:49 UTC in reply to "XBone and advertising"
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Ya know I do have to say there IS an upsaide to MSFT seeing how nasty and ugly they can get with the has been GREAT for us PC builders!

As for the Xbone...sigh. You HONESTLY think there will be "taste" from the guy that pushed through Windows 8? Really? Or crap brown Zunes? if there is one thing Ballmer has shown is he has ZERO taste and will happily burn his own company while trying to squeeze his own customers for every cent (see how he jacked the prices on Windows 8, or has the gall to charge more than the Apple Appstore for many popular apps on winRT).

So if it follows every other thing Ballmer touches it'll be about as subtle as a hammer to the face and when users complain he'll just dial it up to 11. Prices will be higher, already the Xbone is $100 more than the PS4 while having weaker hardware, you'll get to pay for the "fun" of suffering through irritating ads just to use the thing, Steve Ballmer and subtle are two words that shouldn't be in the same room,much less the same sentence.

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