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Mozilla & Gecko clones Robert Nyman, a Mozilla technical evangelist and editor of the Mozilla Hacks website, provides a perspective on the history and evolution of Firefox OS in this LinuxGizmos guest column. Nyman writes on the occasion of the first Firefox OS smartphone, the $90 ZTE Open, becoming available for sale in Madrid, Spain.
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It's really not going to work, people is not as stupid as you think.

What? What's not going to work? I didn't say anything about any mobile operating system having success or failing. I just wanted you to clarify your statement. Thank you for doing so.

Did you want to hear my opinion? My opinion is that none of the three new operating systems that I mentioned will gain much market share because they don't offer something special that the average phone user wants.

But I don't care, as long as I can buy a Jolla phone. ;)

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