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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "A war between two of the major conglomerates will always have casualties, and unfortunately for us, this time we are the casualties. We aren't yet at a state where it is impossible to use Google services on Microsoft platforms, but we are moving towards a stricter ecosystem world where we might see Googlers/Gmail users on one side and Bingers/Outlook users on the other. We can only hope for the sake of technologies future and for the sake of innovation that the two companies can learn to work together in an ever expanding world of data." We can hope so, but we're talking large companies, and large companies do not care about users. Never have, never will.
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Tony Swash
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Apple is entirely closed off, allows zero public access to any of the data it collects, and gives you no way whatsoever to take your data away or use their services with non-Apple products

You can export your contacts, calendars, bookmarks and mail from Apple apps in formats that can be read by non-Apple and non-Mac programs. What is data exactly do you think you cannot get out?

Marco approves.

Google closes Reader, allows you to take away your data from it, and move to one of the many competing products that have now emerged, re-igniting innovation in the RSS field. On top of that, Google gives insights into all the data it collects on you, allows you to take it out of Google, and makes it services available for everyone to use, no matter the platform.

Marco screams bloody murder.

That's not hypocrisy at all. No sirree.

That's not a response to single point that Marco made. No sirree.

Your comment was just the sort of distracting ad hominem attack that people usually use when they can't actually respond to any points of substance.

Go on - prove me wrong ;)

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