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Windows I have a Surface RT tablet. I bought it because I'm a Windows Phone user, and despite its major flaws, I still hate WP much less than I hate its competitors. As such, it made sense to me that I would like the Surface RT as well - I mean, my favourite UI on a tablet? Count me in! It should come as no surprise by now that Windows RT was a major disappointment, so now that the Windows 8.1 preview is here, did Microsoft address any of the major problems?
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Surface RT Slowdown = storage?
by anduril on Wed 10th Jul 2013 23:34 UTC
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I've honestly wondered since its launch if the the slow down/lag that the Surface RT experiences is due more to the fact that it uses just regular old instead of an actual SSD. we've seen the slow down and lag issues on the Nexus 7 and other android devices do to bad controllers/wear/lack of TRIM.

Anyone know of a way to check to see how thats working?

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